Imam Yasir Qadhi's disgusting words against Jews

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A few years ago, I came across one of the disgusting speeches of Imam Yasir Qadhi, and I let go of it. But now, he has spoken again, and I have to condemn his words. If the words in the following video are his, I reaffirm my condemnation, and if he did not say those words, I render my apology.
Men like him make the pristine Islam look bad. A few Muslims will be upset with me, and I want to remind them that Islam is about justice, fairness, equity, and mercy and not what Imam Qadhi is preaching. Thank God more and more Muslims are speaking out against wrongful teachings, hitherto fore they were afraid of criticizing big-name scholars and they got away.  But no more, we are seeing big names like Tariq Ramadan, Nauman Ali, Zia Shaikh and several others are falling by wayside.
There are two types of Islam – one is the dished out version, which is swallowed without questioning and repeated from generation to generation. Then there is pristine Islam that questions everything and respects every human being that the good God has created. A majority of Muslims follow the pristine Islam, which is natural for humans. Indeed, Islam is called deen of fitra – or a reflection of human nature.
I wrote an article called “Source of Extremism” in Islam – It is not the Quran or Islam, but the secondary books that are the source of extremism. If we did not have these books, Islam would remain stain-free guidance for society. Yasir Qadhi is probably a follower of those books and not the Quran.
Qadhi quotes, (rather misquotes) the prophet. There is no compulsion in Islam, and Islam is about free will, but his statements in the video contradict that idea. The idea of free will is asserted three precise times in the Quran (Please read the chapter free will in the book). I condemn his word he used for Jews and Christians.
If it is not common sense, then it is not Islam. What Qadi is saying is not common sense.
Please be aware that there are two deliberate mistranslations of the Quran on the market with mal-intention of crating ill-will between communities. There are 55 translations available now, and most of them are ok, a few are good, but a perfect translation is yet to come.
Islam is about facilitating cohesive peaceful societies. Two of the 17 chapters in the book American Muslim Agenda are titled, “Source of Extremism” and “Essence of Islam.” You might consider taking a look at it.
Muslims have their share of Robertsons, Grahams, Jeffress, Kahane’s, and others. They are in every religion, political, and social group. We condemn their sin and not them, as they are redeemable.
God only can save the students in Texas and Tennessee, where Imam Qadhi is teaching. Shaker Elsayed is another Imam in Virginia who made a similar mistake about FGM, and the poor man was merely parroting what he read in the secondary books. If these guys stick to the Quran, they can never go wrong.
The “American Muslim Agenda” will clarify what Islam is. The Islam I have learned is by rejecting the dished out versions, and questioning and criticizing God, the Prophet, the Quran, and Islam. You will find wisdom. Of course, all religions have similar knowledge. A mother knows what to do with a crying baby, whether she lives in Amazon Jungles or New York City. Wisdom is there all around us and in all religions.
God bless America!
Mike Ghouse

US Imam says the Muslims absolutely have the right to take the property of filthy Jews and Christians

Yasir Hadhi, a prominent American Imam and college professor at Rhodes College, in Memphis, Tennessee.
Courtesy of Frontline

He was described in a 2011 New York Times Magazine essay as “one of the most influential conservative clerics in American Islam.”
Just recently, Hadhi publicly said that Christians and Jews are the “filthy,” “impure,” and basically no different than “feces” and “urine.”
He claimed that “if [Christians and Jews] don’t [convert to Islam,] their life and property are halal [free for the taking] for the Muslims.
Just recently, Hadhi publicly said that Christians and Jews are the “filthy,” “impure,” and basically no different than “feces” and “urine.”
He claimed that “if [Christians and Jews] don’t [convert to Islam,]