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Kulkarni’s Promise & My Commentary

Sri Preston Kulkarni is running for the US Congress from Congressional District 22 from Houston, Texas. I have taken an u-turn based on his firm response to defend human rights.

A few abstracts from Kulkarni’s letter to Muslims

“We will continue to stand against Islamophobia and any form of prejudice anywhere in the world. No matter the obstacles, this is a promise I make to every member of my community. 

Throughout my life, my career, and both our past and current campaign, I have consistently spoken out against Islamophobia and bigotry and in support of human rights for the Muslim community and all minorities, both here in the United States and abroad. I disavow any Islamophobic or bigoted comments or ideas, no matter where or who they come from.

I will continue to speak out against human rights violations, as I have done regarding the situation in Kashmir and the violence in Delhi, and any acts of Islamophobia, the promotion of nationalism, and/or fascism. “

My commentary

I have been tough on Kulkarni in follow up, and have asked him to make a few statements and answer a few questions at https://theghousediary.com/indian-americans-in-the-u-s-congress/, which is published in several papers, including the print edition of Jago Times in Houston. 

The above statements from Kulkarni alerted me to think and share my commentary with you. 

We must think about his statements; they are statements made in the public domain and not in a private conversation. They hold a certain value and are accountable.

To my fellow Indian American Hindus:

Kulkarni is standing up for justice and fairness; that is the right thing to do. Please note, he is doing what Americans ought to do. All of us expect the American Laws to treat us with equal justice, equal opportunities, and equal dignity. That is what his statements convey, standing up for similar rights for all Indians in India or any people anywhere on the earth.  

To my fellow Indian American Muslims:

As an individual who has received support from a guy who runs an RSS’s subsidiary, it is difficult for Mr. Kulkarni or any individual to make a statement that goes against the very person who supported him, the man whom he called his father figure. It shows me his independence, and that is what we want in a politician not to be influenced by money.

I firmly stand for Human rights, religious freedom, and pluralism in religion, politics, society, and the workplace. As a human rights activist, I see the light in Kulkarni’s statement. 

Politically, I am independent and will continue to appreciate the candidates who will stand up for human rights and religious freedom whether they are Republicans or Democrats.

Although I hope Kulkarni would respond to my letter, the above statement is good enough for me. He could not be clearer than the last sentence in the above quote. If you disagree, that is your choice, it is a part of life. I hope he would initiate congressional bills to that effect.

I wish Kulkarni well and welcome him with a garland at the capitol hill as a congressman from my home state, Texas. 

Mike Ghouse
Center for Pluralism
Washington, DC