Pluralism in Pakistan

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Rehan Allahwala Founder of insan Party /

Congratulations to Rehan Allahwala for establishing the Insan Party. Imagine a company – when its members are tense, they will not be as productive.

But when they are free from tensions, the productivity will increase, and when that happens, they may get higher wages. They will also devote 100% of their person to the family members, increasing overall happiness.

Mufti Japanwala speech is identical to my address at the Center for Pluralism. The goals are reasonable. If the society functions cohesively, they can achieve their dream of being a member of G10.

Dr. Amer Suleman of Urdu Ghar in Dallas had translated the meaning of Pluralism as Hum Ahangi – as described in this video. I wish all the best to the Insan Party.

interfaith Conference 2020 | insan Party

Mike Ghouse

Center for Pluralism