Happy Ramnvami – Birth Celebrations of Lord Rama

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Ramnvami is the birth celebration of Shri Rama, the Hindu king who set the high standards of morality in governance, accountability, truth, and integrity- his rule was called Ram Rajya. In the Hindu tradition, he is an avatar (representation) of Vishnu, the energy that sustains the world; the other powers are Shiva, which brings closure, and Brahma, who originates life.  

It’s a dream of many Hindus for the return of Ram Rajya, the governance of justice, fairness, and truth. As a Muslim, I revere Rama and what he stood for. When you hear the story of Moses, Buddha, Rama, Krishna, Prophet Muhammad, Nanak, Mahavira, and other souls, we can see the commonalities in the life of all the great spiritual masters – they lived for creating common good in the society. They worked where justice prevailed for every human being, and everyone was treated with dignity. The story is the same, the greatness is the same, and I honor them all. 

The day is not far when all of us on the planet will learn about each other, see the beauty and essence of each tradition, and possibly celebrate and commemorate. Knowledge leads to understanding and understanding to acceptance and appreciation of the otherness of others, thus creating a cohesive, enjoyable world for us. Please do share this with your friends.

“Festivals of the World” is an educational series by Mike Ghouse that has been active since 1993. When we live in the same communities as neighbors, we might as well learn about each other. The best way to build cohesive societies is for its members to participate in festivities and commemorations of each other or understand each other’s joys and sorrows. 

Happy Ramnvami: Ram does not belong to Hindus; his message belongs to all of humanity.

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Festivals of the world – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vAwvoqz01I

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