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Pluralism is respecting the otherness of the other in politics, religion, culture, and the workplace. Pluralism does not mean compromising one’s principles, it means, finding a way to live with the differences and cherish the commonalities. There is no need for anyone to change for the other without giving the other the same opportunity. You are who you are, and I am who I am, let’s find ways to work, commute, dine, study, discuss, and even marry, and it will no doubt create conflicts. As responsible citizens, we have to prepare fellow humans to develop an attitude of respecting the otherness of the other, then conflicts fade and solutions emerge.

Each one of us is created to be unique with our own thumbprint, eye print, taste buds, and DNA. That is how unique we are, and accepting this reality is pluralism. 

God chose to create and distribute humanity into different races, communities, and nations, and by extension religions.  Each society has to find its own balance to live in harmony. The ultimate purpose of humans is to live securely with their ethnicity, race, religion, sexual and political orientation, culture, and language. 

God is with all religions, he/she/it does not discriminate between any one of his creation. To be free, to be secure, one has to be in tune with God who does not discriminate, as his sun shines on the dirtiest puddle as well as the crystal-clear mountains.  All of us will die someday, and we must live freely without guilt, and regret or die in peace.

Had God wanted, all of us would have been precisely alike, but he chose everything in the universe to be unique.

Issues of the Day

We ask our members from Faith Forum and Politics Forum to address the issues of the day, and we hope to offer pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. The response will be in 250 words by each author.

Festivals of Faiths

When we live as neighbors, we might as well learn about each other. The best way to build cohesive societies is for its members to understand each other’s sorrows and joys, and festivities and commemorations. Wouldn’t it be nice if you know a little bit about your neighbor’s festival and perhaps invite them to your celebrations to start safe neighborhoods by understanding each other? Every human and every religious group celebrates something or the other in their way, each one is different, but the essence is the same; celebrations and commemorations. A simple language is used for most people to get a gist of it.

As each festival approaches, one of our authors will write about the essence of the festival in 500 words for us to know about it.


Opinion presented by the Editor on the issues of the day.


It is a list of columnists writing on issues facing the nation, and we are also working on creating a forum on politics, and religion to address the issues. More below***

Political Pluralism

Of the 100 issues, there will be 5 issues that are non-negotiable between different political parties, particularly the conservatives and Progressives. However, they could agree on 95 issues, but they tear each other apart. What we have found in Republican and Democratic rallies and conferences is they do not discuss the topics but bash each other, if they can address their values rather than bashing, there is a chance that each other can see their difference and commonalities clearly.

Either majority (Republican or Democrats in our case) in the House or Senate can bulldoze the other’s rights. We have a problem with our democracy, particularly in the Senate, where 51 votes can appoint the Supreme Court Justice, which amounts to rejecting 49 others, they are not represented. We need to have our judges represent at least 67% of Americans. We need to change the requirements to 67 votes to appoint the Supreme Court Justices and other significant appointments to represent a large swath of Americans. It isn’t easy, but it is the right thing to do. We will have fewer conflicts. We won’t act like tinpot dictators to get rid of the previous bills passed by the House, Senate and signed by the president.

 Religious Pluralism

It is about respecting different ways of worshiping the creator and accepting their devotion to the creator. If we were to speak about other religions, we must talk with the same respect as the followers of that faith speak.  

Societal Pluralism

It is how people interact with each other, what they eat, drink, and wear. Freedom is the basis; let everyone be free to eat, drink, and wear whatever they want to pursue to attain their happiness. We have to learn to shed our biases against others and work on ridding the stereotyping. It will free us from anxieties. 

Workplace Pluralism

We have to respect the composite otherness of the other person to work cohesively and to be free from tensions and produce optimum value to the organization we work for. If we want the best employees, we hire people who are not poisoned against others as they will not work cohesively. We will conduct workshops that will hopefully make one give 100% of himself or herself to the employers as well as the family. When you are free from biases, you work and love your family wholeheartedly.  

Human Rights – If we don’t stand up for the rights of others, why should anyone stand up for us. When we seek justice for the other, in the end, all will get justice.   

Freedom – Religious and political freedom 

Climate Sustenance

Race Relations

Interfaith Relations

Foreign Policy

Homeland Security

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Note for Columnists

Op-Ed Pieces
All op-ed pieces must be 850 words or less with a singular theme, the first paragraph should be the summary of the article.

Monthly Questions
The questions would be on current issues and your take on them, we will be sending the question to our panels on interfaith relations and political relations. We request the author to keep it to 250 words or less.

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