Turkey's weak opposition scrambles to challenge Erdogan

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The best form of governance that has evolved in the world is Democracy, where we choose to elect people to govern us on the terms that we determine. Around 1950 a whole lot of nations went from under colonial rule to democracies, some went Pluralist democracies and some Secular democracies.  Sadly, there is a virus sweeping the world to put men with fascist tendencies to run the states – US, Austria, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and India.  Democracy survives with the strong opposition without it goes towards the same old days where one powerful man decides the fate of the nation.
Mike Ghouse
Courtesy; Fox News
Turkey’s weak opposition is scrambling to mount a meaningful challenge against strongman President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with just nine weeks to prepare for snap elections.
One party leader is in jail. Another doesn’t have a candidate. A third might face eligibility issues for her party.

Erdogan set the presidential and parliamentary elections for June 24, in a move that will usher in a new system cementing the president’s grip on power more than a year ahead of schedule. Turkey is switching from a parliamentary system to an executive presidential system after a narrowly approved referendum last year, in the wake of a failed 2016 coup attempt.

The changes take effect with the next election, which had originally been set for November 2019.