Corona's Blame Games

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Leaders from around the world have started the blame games, shame on them. Instead of focusing on prayers, they are hell-bent on accusing others. We all make assumptions that the third world countries have stupid leaders, that is not true, we have them here in the United States in the same proportion, and you will find them everywhere in every nation, faith, ethnicity, and race.

It is time for everyone to accept the responsibility for what happens in their group and focus on solving the problem.

This is an ongoing list and will add as many as we can, so we can learn that the problem continues to exist, no matter who you blame.

Conservative pastor says the spread of coronavirus in synagogues is a punishment from God

(JTA) — Rick Wiles, the Florida pastor who claimed that the effort to impeach President Trump was a “Jew coup,” said the spread of coronavirus in synagogues is a punishment of the Jewish people for opposing Jesus.

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Trump Blames China for Corona

President Trump once again called COVID-19 the “Chinese virus,” and said the country treated America “terribly,” just hours before he was supposed to speak with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Iran Blames the speak of the virus on US Sanctions

As the Iranian regime battles the proliferation of coronavirus, officially termed COVID-19, it has turned the blame-game toward the United States and its harsh implementation of economic sanctions. “The American administration does not care about Iranian people,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Abbas Mousavi said at a press gathering on Wednesday. “They shed crocodile tears.”

Demonizing Muslims

The Nizamuddin Center in New Delhi held a religious congregation set up with about 3000 people attending the event, the next day the lockdown order went in, the congregation had nowhere to go, no busses, no hotels as they had come from all across India. So they carried the mass for two more days. Now a case has been filed against them.

It is always the Christians and Muslims – at the same time, the biggest two violators were the Chief Ministers of Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka. One went to Ayodhya to place the statue of Ram and the other went to a wedding with more than 3000 people attending.

If you file a case file against all of the violators, not just one.
New Delhi, 31 March: A case has been registered against Maulana Saad and others of the Tablighi Jamaat for organising the religious congregation at south Delhi’s Nizamuddin that has become the target of state and central government.

The case was filed under the Epidemic Disease Act, 1897, and other sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for violation of government directions given to the management of Markaz of Basti Nizamuddin, regarding restrictions on gatherings, said the Delhi Police Commissioner.

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