Zoom-Why should you run for public office?

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Second Sunday of every month from 12:00 – 1:30 PM EST

We started this program in November 2019, right after the General Elections with the aim of preparing candidates to run for public office.

If you are passionate about seeing an America that values human rights and safeguards everyone’s way of life, then NOW is the right time to make it happen. Depending on your level of interest, you have the option to choose from being a part of the City Council, County, State, and Federal government.

So what does it take on your part?

All you have to have is a desire to serve, the ability to work and lots of love for the people, and respect for truth.

And what can we do for you?

We will bring monthly guests who have taken the courageous step to become public officials such as State Delegates or Senators, US Congressmen or Senators, County Supervisors and Mayors of a Town/City, who are a great inspiring model to learn from and follow. They will share their stories, tips, and resources on reaching out to communities and fundraising.

We will provide you with tests that will help determine which political ideology your thoughts and values align with. it is up to you to choose to be a Republican, Democrat, or Independent. We will also share the popular criteria most politically engaged people look for to decide which candidate to support out of the many in the race for a particular position. We will also help you learn the filing process and the qualifying criteria.

Now a few words about the host organizations:

Virginian Muslim Political Action Committee (VMPAC) is a registered non-partisan Political Action Committee of Muslim Americans living in Virginia. It was formed in May 2005 as a coalition of several preexisting active Virginian PACs. The goal of VMPAC is to raise awareness of various issues, educate the public about the political process, and provide opportunities to stay engaged.

The Center for Pluralism is a non-profit, non-partisan organization committed to building a cohesive America. Every American should feel secure about their faith, race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, or any other distinction. With that mission, we are dedicating our effort to shaping* the future in the religious, political, workplace, and social spheres. Indeed, this work is part of our Political Pluralism.

The best thing you will learn over time is to become a pluralist, i.e., an inclusive person who values human life and can connect with all Americans comfortably. That is how we build one nation for the common good of ALL living in America.

Training potential candidates how to be inclusive and what they need to do starting today to have a successful run for public office.

Did you ever feel that if you were a Congressman, Senator, State Representative, or a councilman, you could have done better than many of them out there? If you did, you are qualified to run for that office. You don’t need any background or experience for that, all you need is courage, the rest we can assist you.

The program will  include items such as follows

1. We will have special AOC like guests to motivate you to run.
2. We will share resources on “how to raise funds” and how to reach out.
3. We will coach you to be inclusive.
4. We will provide the tests and you decide which party to align with

Co-Host: Aliya Khan is a Community Grassroots Organizer and 2016 and 2020 State Delegate for Senator Sanders. Aliyah is a Co-Founder and Board Member of VMPAC

Host: Mike Ghouse, is president of the Center for Pluralism, committed to building a cohesive America where no American feels excluded.

We are the Center for Pluralism, a non-profit, non-partisan organization committed to building a cohesive America, where every American should feel secure about his or her faith, race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, or any other distinction. With that mission, we are dedicating our effort to shaping* the future of America in the religious, political, workplace, and social sphere.

In the political arena, we want to encourage everyone to run for the public office, we will share resources and training center to get organized.

We are sharing this note to encourage everyone to run for public office. Each one of you knows the system,  well. Every one of you has a grandchild or an adult son or daughter who can run for the office in a few years.

You must reach out to every American in your constiututency, even if they shut the door on you.

If someone wants to run in 2022, we have to start working now.

All are welcome to join the training, we hope to ready candidates who care for America and American interests first. We will be happy to strip the poisoning* your parents may have injected in you towards fellow Americans from different faiths, nationalities, races, ethnicities and other uniqueness.

We need to reassure each other, that together as Americans, we are committed to safeguarding the American way of life. No American needs to worry about losing his or her way of life. Together as Americans, we uphold, protect, defend, and celebrate the values enshrined in our Constitution, a guarantor of our political and social structures that each one of us wants.

Let me share a few thoughts about my own experience, how you can do it. By the way, the details are in Chapter 17 of the book American Muslim Agenda.

Following the advice to build up from grassroots in chapter 17 of the Book American Muslim Agenda, I chose to live in an all-Black neighborhood in SE DC to build up with the goal of running for DC City Council leading to Mayor. If you think it is difficult, you are wrong, it is very easy to run for public office. Here is the full story on building your place in politics.   https://centerforpluralism.com/black-neighborhood-is-my-neighborhood/

It was also published earlier in the Black Newspaper in my neighborhood.

Why did I write this?

It is to encourage my fellow Americans to run for office.  Almost everyone I have met is capable of running for office.

The only qualification required is GUTS, do you have it? If you do, it is time to join the course. It is free, but we urge you to donate to our organization to carry on work like this.

We have to shape the future of America that is good for all Americans. No American has to feel insecure about his/her way of life. 

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Mike Ghouse