Statement on Racial Justice and Equity

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The statement is issued by Shalini Gupta of United for Peace, Chicago.

We are organizations with a mission to bring respect for all and bring unity and peace to our communities.  We believe in nonviolence and work to reduce violence and polarization in our society. 

We stand in support of racial justice and equity.  We acknowledge the systemic injustices that minority communities have been subjected to and offer our support to programs that address them. 

We strongly believe in nonviolent methods of social change and follow the legacy of Gandhi, King, and others who achieved social change through nonviolence. We would encourage demonstrations to be peaceful and for all groups organizing protests to ensure that there is no violence, looting, or destruction to property. 

Organizations supporting the statement

United for Peace
Gandhi King Foundation
Non-Violence Works
Gandhi 150 US Commemorative
Stamp Initiative
Sacred Ground Ministries
Center for Pluralism
Indivisible- Elk Grove Village and Surrounding Communities