Racism & Anti-Semitism are diseases.

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To paraphrase the words of Jesus and Muhammad, I would say, “Forgive them lord, for they know not.” What we need to do is work on our education system, need to work on reconciliation. I have presented a proposal to Pope Frances and offered to reconcile the hatred a “few” Christians have for Jews, and “few” Jews have for Muslims, and a “few” Muslims have towards Jews and a “few” Hindus towards Muslims and Christians, and few of all the groups towards Idol worshippers.  

Hinduphobia, Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, Misogyny, Homophobia, and xenophobia are severe diseases, and we need to mitigate these through long term educational programs. The center for Pluralism offers programs to build cohesive societies. 

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Please check this article as a basis for the work on education and reconciliation.  

Poisoning your kids – https://centerforpluralism.com/poisoning-your-kids/ 

Shaping America’s Future – https://centerforpluralism.com/shaping-americas-future/

Mike Ghouse